Prison Radio illustrates the perspectives and the intrinsic human worth of the more than 7.1 million people under correctional control in the US. Please take a minute to join us now.

Prison Radio’s mission is to challenge unjust police and prosecutorial practices which result in mass incarceration, racism, and gender discrimination by airing the voices of those targeted by an unjust criminal justice system. We bring their voices into the public dialogue on crime and punishment. We believe that when a person’s humanity is recognized, the public is able to make more informed choices on the direction of public policy.  Our radio broadcasts help spur the public to examine core issues that create crime and heighten disenfranchisement.

The first time I heard a tape of Mumia’s radio broadcasts, it was the first time I fully understood why the government was so intent on putting him to death.

— Assata Shakur
Former member of the Black Panther Party

While the Prison Radio website focuses on recording and distributing the radio commentaries of Mumia Abu-Jamal and other political prisoners, this website expands that focus to include news, articles, video, music and more. We cover and give voice to not only Mumia, but to other political prisoners in the US as well, including Lynne Stewart, Chelsea Manning, and Leonard Peltier. We cover broader issues around the death penalty, solitary confinement, and prisoner’s rights.

Prison Radio’s intent is serve as a catalyst – among other organizations and movements – for public activism. We seek to have listeners question the costs to society of mass incarceration, the death penalty and solitary confinement. We believe prisoners voices and stories will:

  • Help shift public opinion toward a more humane view of prisoners
  • Help spur public motivation to look at core-system issues that create crime and poverty
  • Help expose the prison industry’s human rights abuses

Prison Radio is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. The organization is a project of The Redwood Justice Fund, which is dedicated to the defense of the environment and of civil and human rights secured by law. Established by Judi Bari in 1994, the foundation embraces a wide array of environmental and social justice projects including:

  • Purple Berets, a women’s rights organization dedicated to obtaining equal justice for women.
  • Redwood Summer Justice Project, which defends the rights of environmental activists.
  • Women’s Justice Center which advocates for Latina victims of violence against women in Sonoma County, California.
  • Get Out Of The Military, a small group of dedicated military law counselors working with soldiers who want a discharge and need support through that process. The group also works to decrease suicides and sexual assault and harassment within the military.

If you have news, comments, artwork, or suggestions, or want more information please contact us at:


Prison Radio
P.O. Box 411074 San Francisco, CA 94141


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