FAIR Covers “Muzzle Mumia Act”


Listen to the interview here.

Daniel Denvir on “Silencing Mumia Act” by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR).

“A proposed Pennsylvania law aimed at silencing Mumia Abu-Jamal targets our right to hear as much as his right to speak. Why aren’t more journalists up in arms? We’ll talk to one who is: Daniel Denvir, senior staff writer at Philadelphia City Paper.”


It is with incredible gratitude that we announce: WE MADE IT!

You have made this campaign to protect prisoners’ rights possible, through contributions, sharing online, connecting your friends and family, ongoing support, and relentless encouragement.

Community is the word that defines this victory. And our community is more powerful than the conservative political elites that want Mumia silenced.

Prison Radio Indiegogo

Together, we are entering 2015 ready to fight for prisoners’ right to speak. We are recording and distributing prisoners’ commentaries onwww.prisonradio.org, and are appealing SB508 with the Abolitionist Law Center and the Amistad Law Project.

Thank you all, each gift means a tremendous amount.

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