Sundiata Acoli Denied Parole

Mike Africa, Jr. recently and profoundly wrote, “the issue ain’t what the parole board will “decide”, the real issue is what the people will allow. The parole board, like all public officials, make those decisions in the name of the people, and when the people demand justice, it will happen.”

Below you’ll find the copy of a post Sundiata sent out (We email).  One of our finest freedom fighters, former member of the BPP and BLA, you can find more info on his website:  He has already done nearly 40 years in Federal prisons and is now 74 years old.  Please send him some love:
(Sundiata Acoli)
Clark Squire  #39794-066
FCI Cumberland
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 1000
Cumberland, MD 21501-1000
Greetings All,
Sundiata’s Parole Hearing was held today, he was denied parole and his case referred to a 3-member panel to determine the size of his “hit:” (i.e., the amount of time he must do before becoming eligible for parole hearing again.) Take care. Thank each of you for your support. L, S, Sundiata

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