Nicole (“Nyki”) Kish

About Nyki

Nicole Kish or Nyki to those who know and adore her is a talented singer songwriter, artist, poet, and dedicated community activist. Over the past few years, Nyki founded a non-profit organization dedicated to improving literacy and educational opportunities within Ontario’s correctional facilities. As well she co-founded Bound for Glory, a not for profit arts and literary magazine for talented and neglected artists. Sadly however, on March 1st 2011, Nyki was wrongfully convicted of 2nd degree murder for little reason more than that she was there and she was stabbed. Dismissing the complete absence of positive identification, the confession of a former co-accused in regards to having pulled the alleged fatal knife, the lack of any DNA on Nyki and the copious amount on others, and the two separately “lost” surveillance videos gone missing in police custody, which have been alleged to have captured the events of that night, the judge successfully undermined this country’s core judicial principal of having to achieve for a just conviction, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

In fact the defense breached that threshold in proving her innocent. In short, backed by a media complacent with the “official” yet inconsistent story of Detective Giroux and the crown, an innocent young woman temporarily if not indefinitely lost her right to a beautiful life. Nonetheless, an appeal is being put forth and we plea to all who have a good heart and possess a care for true justice to support Nyki through these dark times and to demand her release/ ultimate acquittal.

“…innocent people will continue to be damned to this until more Canadians are made aware of the workings of our judicial system and vital changes are made. I’m ashamed that our police forces tunnel vision to prosecute me against all obvious facts will leave many without true closure and equally ashamed that our media is not the public watchdog it ought to be.” -Nyki Kish

There are many ways to assist Nyki and family.  The most obvious way is to contribute to her legal defense fund.  You can do this by checking out This website also gives additional facts about the case and shares some of Nyki’s music and writings.  The writing that affected me the most was her description of the living conditions in the prison You can also keep up with developments in Nyki’s life by looking at the Free Nyki Facebook page!/FreeNyki. The best way to support Nyki is to write her to express your support.  When sending mail to Nyki, you must address the letter to Nicole Kish or she will not get your letter.  She likes pictures so she has something to look at other than the walls of her jail cell.  The address is:

Grand Valley, 1575 Homer Watson Blvd,
Kitchener, Ontario
N2P 2C5
Max Unit
Atten: Nicole Kish

Lets hope that 2012 will be the year that Nyki Kish is freed and returned to her family and friends.

Nyki is an, artist, poet, singer song writer, and adherent community activist. Her music can be found at

Check it out and leave a comment.

Support her on facebook.

Or feel free to contact her supporters at 

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