Captain Reggie Schell: Black Panther, 1941-2012

Black Panther Veterans Barbara Cox Easley and Reggie Schell
in Schell’s home, in Philadelphia Photo Courtesy of Its About Time BPP

Reggie Schell was Mumia’s early mentor in the Black Panther Party, when Mumia was still in his teens.  When Mumia was arrested Reggie was a key and very strong supporter, attending the trial, and helping to build support.  Reggie and Mumia continued their friendship and comradeship over many years.  We mourn the loss of this fighter and teacher, but celebrate the leadership role he played and the mentoring he provided to someone like Mumia.

Long live Reggie Schell!

The Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition

To hear Mumia’s tribute go HERE

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