OCCUPY THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT April 24 – 11AM – 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC

OCCUPY THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT April 24, 11AM 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC — at the Dept of Justice http://occupythejusticedepartment.com/

M1, Amiri Baraka, Cornel West, Michelle Alexander, Pam Africa, Ramona Africa

OCCUPY THE DOJ is growing every day!  This is the action you want to make sure your friends join.

EVERYONE who’s coming to this great action, whether or not you’re risking arrest:  You absolutely must have current official-type photo ID.  We’ve all read about & gone through stop-&-frisk.  Be smart, not sorry!

Whether or not you’ve done civil disobedience before and are experienced with nonviolent direct action, you will want to participate with us on some level.  Plan to arrive in D.C. the day before, early Monday afternoon, April 23rd, at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 1525 Newton St. NW (closest Metro stop is Columbia Heights Station on the Green line), so we can get comfortable.

We are very lucky to have as our trainer Nadine Bloch (of the Ruckus Society & the Battle of Seattle), a master puppet maker who knows that “all good political work is good theater.” To be part of this political theater, come to the training on Monday night. Legal observers will be available.

MONDAY, APRIL 23RD, FROM 7:30-9:30PM at the Friends Meeting of Washington DC (Quakers) 2111 Florida Ave NW Washington D.C. 20008-1912 (closest Metro Station is Dupont Circle on the Red line, taking the Q Street exit).

If you definitely cannot make this training –or- if the “spirit” moves you to join at the last minute, there will be a team on-site all day at the action.  Every hour our location will be announced so you can find us and we will brief you.  Don’t hesitate!

Sleeping accommodations are basically free at St. Stephen’s, but all you get are the floor & wooden pews.  Get enough bubble wrap (which also heats the floor for you) for a throwaway mattress; bring a towel to use as a pillow (& earplugs & an eyeshade).  Showers are almost non-existent; get rinse-free total body cleansing wipes at camping good stores & the “adult care” section of drug stores.

Have you done CD/direct action before?  If so, are all your arrests cleared up? Is there an outstanding bench warrant?–if so, please do not do CD with us because we won’t have the kind of legal team you will need. OR: clear up that situation in the next couple of days!

For those considering/planning arrest:
1)  Wear clothing with lots of pockets & stuff them with tissues & some cash.  Also, don’t wear dangle earrings or free-flowing long locks.
2)  Once you get arrested, we can’t predict exactly how long you’ll be kept–could be an hour or 2 or possibly the next morning, so be sure you don’t have something vital planned back home for the next day!
3)  If you’re willing to return to DC to appear in Court (probably with many others, probably by car pools, definitely with legal support) & make your political statement to the Court, then you go home with just a summons that requires your return (or you get in trouble but deep). We encourage you to make this added, strong political statement (it also ends up cheaper than the alternative, below).
4)  If you absolutely can’t afford the additional time off from work, school, or family, then it’s best to accept a proffered “fine & forfeit” which means you should take along $100 cash.  We do NOT have a bail fund.

Play your role in history! OCCUPY THE DOJ on Mumia’s 58th Birthday! Bring along some friends for this great event! If they have questions, have them contact us right away at 215-600-6626 or have them go to www.freemumia.com, www.occupythejusticedepartment.com, www.emajonline.com, & www.prisonradio.org/media/audio/mumia.

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