Tim DeChristopher Summarily Placed in Isolated Confinement

BREAKING NEWS:  Tim DeChristopher Summarily Placed in Isolated Confinement – Peaceful Uprising Issues a National Call to Action

On the evening of Friday March 9th, Tim DeChristopher was summarily removed from the Minimum Security Camp  and moved into the FCI Herlong’s Special Housing Unit (SHU) reportedly due to a request from an unidentified Congressman.  Tim is kept in an 8 x 10 cell which he shares with another inmate, has been let out of his cell only 4 times in the last 19 days, and  will be kept in this dehumanizing situation indefinitely until the BOP grants him a hearing.

In the SHU, Tim’s movements are severely restricted.  In the past two weeks, he has been allowed out of his 8 x 10 cell (which he shares with another inmate) four times, each time for less than an hour.  Tim is allowed one book in his cell, and four in his property locker.  His writing means are restricted to a thin ink cartridge which makes correspondence extremely difficult.  He can receive mail from the outside, but has no other form of communication other than 15 minutes of phone time per month.

The hidden power of of public and appointed officials in Washington DC that can continue to inflict cruel and unusual punishment on Tim is outrageous. This is not justice, it is political persecution.

We firmly believe the only way Tim will be returned to the minimum security camp he’s been housed in for the last six months is to place outside pressure on FCI Herlong, the Bureau of Prisons, and members of Congress that sit on the subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

The time to act is now.  Click here to take action and read the full story (including more breaking news on how William Koch’s Gunnison Energy walked away with only a fine after conspiring with SG Energy to orchestrate the bidding at a BLM oil and gas lease auction in Colorado in 2012)
March 15th, 2012:  Tim DeChristopher’s appeal has been accepted for oral arguments in front of the 10th District Court in Denver, CO on May 10th, 2012.  Please consider making a generous gift to Tim DeChristopher’s Legal Defense Fund to help us prepare for this appeal. 

On July 26th, 2012  Tim was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison, 3 years of supervised probation and a $10,000 fine.  He is currently serving his time at FCI Herlong in Northern California.  For more information on how to write, visit, or contact Tim or Tim DeChristopher’s Legal Defense Fund, and for current updates please visit: www.peacefuluprising.org/tim-dechristopher


Write him a letter (or lots of letters!)  Packages are not allowed, nor are any letters that contain glue, stickers or glitter. only letters in regular envelopes with complete return addresses, addressed to the following:

Tim DeChristopher



                                      Federal Correctional Institution

                                      PO Box 800

                                      Herlong, CA 96113

If you’d like to visit Tim, please contact Dylan Schneider at:  dylan@peacefuluprising.org.  Please, do not show up to the jail or prison without contacting Dylan.

Please consider making a generous gift to Tim DeChristopher’s Legal Defense Fund.  With Tim now in prison we must prepare for an all out appeal.  Ron Yengich and Pat Shea have volunteered their time to date and will continue to do so for the appeal.  They estimate Tim will need over $50,000 for a well prepared appeal to the 10th Circuit.  Any help with financial donation will be most helpful and appreciated.

*Financial gifts made to Tim DeChristopher’s Legal Defense Fund are not tax-deductible and are used for legal costs and any costs associated with supporting Tim DeChristopher. 

Make a gift through PayPal online or send a check to the address below:

Tim DeChristopher
Legal Defense Fund c/o Pat Shea 252 S. 1300 E., Suite A Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

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