Sign Petition toMove Imam Jamil Al-Amin/H. Rap Brown Back to Georgia

On Thursday, August 2, 2007, the public learned that Imam Jamil Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown, no longer was in the custody of the State of Georgia; he had been moved, without notification to his attorneys or family members,from the Georgia State Prison at Reidsville, Georgia into the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Information provided to the press indicated that Imam Jamil was moved to Oklahoma City and then within a day to the ADMAX federal prison in Florence, Colorado.
Imam Jamil continues to challenge the abrupt and unwarranted transfer out of the State of Georgia. The transfer to federal custody in a facility over 1,400 miles away removes him from the Georgia area where family and friends would be able to visit on a regular basis.  The move continues to isolate him from other inmates and the opportunity to worship with others, and it further imposes harsh conditions which Imam Jamil challenged while incarcerated in the Georgia prison system.
Attorneys questioned the Georgia Department of Corrections as to the reason for Imam Jamil’s transfer to federal custody, even though he has not been charged or convicted of a federal crime.  Devon Orland, Department of Law, State of Georgia, responded:
“The decision to transfer Mr. Al-Amin was made in conjunction with the federal government and was based upon legitimate security concerns.  As for the specific events that led to his transfer I am not at liberty to discuss those but can tell you that there were legitimate security concerns. Neither I, nor anyone with the Department of Corrections has control over where Mr. Al-Amin will be housed within the federal system.  He will be subject to the same rules for transfer as any other prisoner within that system and you will need to check with them as to his current status, likelihood of his being housed within Georgia and rules regarding attorney contact and legal mail. Mr. Al-Amin is in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons but is under a State of Georgia prison sentence so “responsibility” is hard to define out of context. The Bureau of Prisons is responsible for the care and incarceration of Mr. Al-Amin if that is the question you are asking…”

Help us let them know that we won’t stand for this, bring him home. Sign the petition HERE

2 thoughts on “Sign Petition toMove Imam Jamil Al-Amin/H. Rap Brown Back to Georgia

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  1. “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim”
    Presently there is a multiple writing campaign for the release of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. I have been in contact with the Imam these past three years and he sends his salaam’s to the Ummah for your continued efforts. For information about the campaign and a list of contacts to write to send a self addressed envelope to: Luqman Jahmi Abdullah-ibn Carter c/o Imam Al-Amin writing campaign 2305 NC Highway 96 South Four Oaks, NC 27524


    1. Assalaamu alaikum,
      Have there been any updates to Imam Jamil case since the 2012 rally in Georgia and the sign the petition to have him transfered back to Georgia?Have there been any positive results from these,Insha Allah?


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