From Lynne’s husband Ralph:

The email below is a cut and paste of Lynne’s thoughts as they were read by her closest friend Ginny Gernes outside the federal court.

Thank you again for your concern, steadfastness and integrity.  As Lynne  would say, the struggle continues. The people came to the  vigil in the cold Tuesday evening, February 28.  The people came ALL DAY to the  federal court the day of the appeal, February 29. 
On behalf of the family, we thank you.  Your struggle and constant support sends a clear message that you will not suffer Lynne’s encarceration silently.  You will not stand by silently and do nothing.  And for this, we thank you.
Ralph Poynter
My dear friends, supporters, comrades !
My purpose here is to rally all of us to the continuation of struggle, of resistance.  I am committed to all the unfinished freedom business that still confronts us–much more difficult and contentious than supporting me.  I’m easy–the righteousness of  my situation, the extreme overreaching of the government and the obvious effects on the way in which lawyers and particularly movement lawyers carry out their obligations to their clients.  Our issues—Free Speech from the Courthouse steps which we assumed was and is, included in the First Amendment .Our repugnancy at the changing of the ground rules after the game is afoot when the higher court directs the lower court Judge to increase the sentence and he complies 5 times over.
We are demanding that the Court acknowledge the wrongfulness of my 10 year sentence as it is based on a foundation of sand. Of course, we also know that Courts are capable of creating rock out of sand just as they can create “persons” out of corporations!  With that understanding, while hoping for the best, we need to commit ourselves to all the ongoing issues–Bradley Manning and Wicki Leaks; the obscene vaudevillian Charade of democracy that is the current Presidential election ; the cause of our political prisoners, Leonard. Mumia, Sundiata, Jaan, Brianna, Dr. Dhafir and all the prisoners on Death Row and those being tortured and killed worldwide and in Solitary Confinement; The Right to Choose for women steadily being eroded by elderly men interested in controlling younger women; —–you know the causes, we fight every day in every way and we are committed—We are not sunshine soldiers or summer patriots, the misery we fight against is caused by a super-terror, the USA 1%,  intent on keeping people mentally subjugated by convincing them that they need to surrender in fear to the government .  
I believe in fighting back–it’s liberating, and you meet the finest people, who have also enlisted.A movement has to be a living growing organism dedicated to change that “moves”!   We will move and we will reclaim our beloved country from those who would blind and subjugate our people.  Onward ever–Backward Never !!!!!
Lynne Stewart
53504 054

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