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MUMIA ABU-JAMAL IS CURRENTLY BEING HELD IN ADMINISTRATIVE CUSTODY (“THE HOLE” or SOLITARY CONFINEMENT) AT SCI MAHANOY.  Mumia is shackled and handcuffed whenever outside his cell, his number of weekly visits has been reduced to one (for one hour), his phone call privileges have been reduced, the number of stamps and envelopes he can use is greatly limited, and his commissary privileges have been revoked. He is also barred from having a television, typewriter or radio in his cell, and access to personal possessions such as books is also severely limited.

International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal, and International Action Center fully support the NLG and HRS call for transferring Mumia to general population immediately. We additionally call for the shutting down of all the torturous Restricted Housing Units (RHU’s) across the US prisons!


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  1. It is not the prerogative of prison guards to determine a prisoner’s hairstyle, nor is it their job to punish the prisoner. The prison administration is culpable for employee misconduct; surely in this time of severe unemployment it is possible to hire law-abiding employees unblinded by racism or simple masochism—workers who can be trusted to obey the law.


  2. Cut his hair? Is this 1966? Pretty strange, huh. Of course the real reason probably has more to do with the reason they kept me in the hole for months at the Santa Cruz County jail. As top Jailer Bates admitted, “Mr. Argue, I’ve placed you in administrative detention because I deem you a threat in potentially organizing against authority.” (I was in jail for stopping brutal police assault on a woman and a child at a protest against the U.S. bombing of Belgrade.)

    Sign the petition to get Mumia out of the hole.

    All prisoners deserve better, and Mumia is innocent, obviously framed, and should be freed.


  3. 13 January 2012

    Considering that all U.S. airport security has built into their taller than human height standing x-ray machines the proviso that guards are allowed to run their hands through the hair of AFRIKAN people wearing Afro and Dreadlock hair styles, this new torture requirement does not surprise me. They truly had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for this one in their efforts to come up with a reason to keep Mumia Abu-Jamal in solitary confinement. They shouldn’t stress .02 active brain cells so hard. Release him from prison. Period. Then there would be no worries about how he wears his hair. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE.


  4. Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment
    “Since Mr. Abu-Jamal’s transfer to administrative custody at SCI Mahanoy on December 7, 2011 he has been held in conditions far more restrictive than death row at SCI Greene, where he spent the last 17 years. He is now shackled and handcuffed whenever outside his cell; his visitation is cut to one hour-long visit per week; the number of stamps and envelopes he can use is greatly limited; his phone call privileges are reduced; and his commissary privileges have been revoked. He is also barred from having a television, typewriter or radio in his cell, and access to personal possessions such as books is severely limited.”


  5. Brothers and Sisters: This is outrageous! Baba Mumia’s in solitarity for refusing to cut his locs. Elder Leonard Peltier being held in solitary and transferred repeatedly for receiving small contributions of cash (in Euros) from supporters overseas. Baba Jalil Muntaqin being harrassed for allegedly having “gang” symbols on documents, which were really the symbol of our Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. These are more forms of torture and intimidation by these terrorists and abusers of power running the government and these jail-houses. They will not break Mumia’s, Leonard’s or Jalil’s spirit; nor that of our movement. WE just left a major youth-led, fun(d)raising and organizing event tonight in Oakland, Calafia (at our lower East Side Cultural Center) in support of Mumia, Leonard and our hundreds of wrongfully-held and exiled political leaders. Participants in our local Decolonize/Occupy Oakland efforts were also in the building, expressing their solidarity. Collectively, WE will continue to build our movements for system change, economic justice, true democracy and the abolition of the for-profit capitalist prison, war and pollution industry. Free the Land! Free Em’ All! REPARATIONS (SASA) NOW!


  6. Political prisoners in America is a national disgrace and the height of international hypocrisy concerning humanitarian issues…!


  7. Can’t help from asking for the umpteenth time… Why are they so afraid of Mumia Abu-Jamal? Why are they quaking in their boots at the thought of one man, out of the many thousands locked down in the prison industrial complex, being able to communicate with others? What has he done other than tell the Truth?


  8. I have never been and am still not part of the “free Mumia” crowd, and have paid only peripheral attention to his case, but this is ridiculous, and I find myself outraged by it on purely human grounds. It is obvious that the Department of Corrections is desperately looking for excuses to continue to punish this man despite the recent court findings in his case.

    There is no justification for keeping him in solitary confinement any longer. Release him into the general prison population, and stop punishing him more than he has already been punished. Being imprisoned is punishment enough for a crime he very well may not have committed.


  9. Compassion in too rare in a prison environment and since compassion is stimulated by empathy, I suggest the advocates who sent Mumiao to “the hole” should spend 30 days in solitary confinment first.


  10. When is this going to stop…ignorance it seems is running rapid in this institution. A man or womens choice of color of hair, length of hair or style is no reason to put this Mumia in solitary confinment.. This is pure abuse and should be stopped immediately!


  11. it is sad this country tortures people imprisons more people than any country one out of every 3 blacks imprisoned.mumia like leonard peltier did not kill anyone.obama will pardon neither what a shame even if people are punished often just to fill jail cells the bureacracy takes forever to get them out.


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