National Constitution Center: Mumia Abu-Jamal Debate

From the National Constitution Center blog: Companion posts by Johanna Fernandez and Tigre Hill on Múmia Abu-Jamal are published today in conjunction with a program that will take place at the National Constitution Center on Dec. 9, when the facility has been rented by the National Lawyers Guild. The program, organized and presented by the Guild, marks the 30th anniversary of Abu-Jamal’s incarceration, following the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner,  for which Abu-Jamal was convicted. Organizers of the event maintain Abu-Jamal’s innocence.

Múmia Abu-Jamal: Martyr Mumia Abu-Jamal (Photo by 4Ward UK via Flickr)

By Johanna Fernandez

Of all the compelling evidence of innocence in this case, the most important and least known is the existence of a fourth person at the crime scene. Continue Reading


Múmia Abu-Jamal: Murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal (Photo by 4Ward UK via Flickr)

By Tigre Hill

When I started researching the case, read the court transcript and interviewed people who prosecuted the case,  I came to the conclusion that Múmia Abu-Jamal was indeed guilty and did receive a fair trial.  Continue Reading

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